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9 Day cleanse programme now available in the clinic
An extremely effective 9 day cleanse to kick start weight loss, cleanse your body and feel amazing!

Vitality Colonics is proud to have joined the GRCCT – The General Regulatory Council for Complementary Therapies.

Therapists who are regulated ensure they comply with laws, regulations, and established rules within their complementary therapy in order to safeguard the public.

See GRCCT Website for more information.

Food Intolerance Testing now available in the clinic

Chi Massager now available in the clinic.

The Chi Massager is used to relax, bring blood flow to the digestive system and helps bowel evacuation.

The main effect of the Chi Massager is based on support to the lymphatic system and rebalancing the energy inside the body. As a stand-alone tool, it is widely used for managing headaches, lower back pain, IBS, constipation and bloating, as well as being used as a metabolism booster in slimming programmes.

The effect of the Chi Machine is based on moving the body in the “figure of 8” motion which helps open and close the cells, without subjecting them to excessive impact as in running or jumping. In this sense the benefits of the Chi Machine are similar to the benefits of the Powerplate or a rebounder.