Opening Hours

Mon - Fri 9.30am-9pm Sat 10am-6pm

Regular Colonic
Consultation and first appointment
1h 30 mins

Regular colonic - follow up appointments
1hr 15 mins

Deluxe Colonic - 20 minute abdominal massage followed by a colonic
Add £20

Coffee Colonic - colonic followed by a Robusta Health Organic Detox Coffee Enema.
Add £20

Ultimate Colonic - 20 minute abdominal massage followed by a colonic and a Robusta Health Organic Detox Coffee
Add £35

Regular Colonic and Probiotic Implant - Colonic followed by a high strength implant containing BifidoBacterium Bifidum; BifidoBacterium Longum; LactoBacillus Acidophillus and LactoBacillus Casei and FOS
Add £20

Detox Course - 3 regular colonics to be take within 1 month
£190 new clients
(£180 returning clients)


In Clinic

Food Intolerance 59 foods                    £80

Lab Tests

Food Print 40+

Food Print 60+

Food Print 120+

Food Print 200+


Thai Yoga Massage (55 mins)            £45

Thai Yoga Massage (85 mins)            £65

Reflexology                                           £45



21 Day Purify Programme                  £195

(Special offer Purify Programme
plus 2 colonics)                                   £300


Cards Accepted

Gift Vouchers available


Terms and Conditions of Booking

By making your appointment with us, you agree to observe our terms of booking. A £20 deposit payment is required for all first colon hydrotherapy bookings which is non refundable if the appointment is changed/cancelled with less than 24 hours notice.