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We are offering a science-based method that would help you choose the right diet and additional nutrients for optimal results

This is a simple genetic test from Novogenia that increases your knowledge of your body’s needs.


Discover your recommended food and nutrition. The genetic test analyzes 61 genes. You will learn which foods are beneficial for you and which are not. Just think how eating properly can improve your health. Combine the necessary vitamins and minerals tailored to your individual needs.


Find out what type of fibres your muscles have, learn about oxidative stress and risk of injury, as well as your optimal diet for better performance. How important is this to you? Imagine being able to develop your own perfect fitness routine! A routine designed exclusively for you, based on science and supported by proper nutrition.

You will receive a 188 page report specific to you.

The DNA testing can only be purchased as part of the 21 Day Microbiome programme or DNA Energy Programme



Novogenia Laboratory is founded by Dr. Daniel Wallerstorfer, located in Austria is certified by the Federal Ministry of Health for medical genetic tests. It is one of the most modern and most automated laboratories in all of Europe. It holds numerous certifications and employs quality assurance systems that meet or exceed international standards. Novogenia’s genetic test is surprisingly easy to perform and is based on extensive scientific research