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Food intolerance is your body’s abnormal reaction to certain foods which can manifest itself in a number of ways. Some people will have one symptom such as a severe headache whilst others will be unfortunate to experience irritable bowel syndrome, migraine and skin or respiratory conditions. Realising that the food you eat is a catalyst for particular symptoms is not easy when, unlike the immediate reactive symptoms of food allergy, food intolerance symptoms often appear hours or even days later. In fact, following the elimination of problem foods, many sufferers have realised that they had been experiencing minor symptoms as a result of intolerance for their entire lives.

This test is available in clinic for intolerance to 59 different foods. The test which has been developed by Cambridge Nutritional Sciences measure IgG antibody reactions in the blood. The therapist will obtain a little blood from the finger of the client.  The blood is then tested and the results will be available by the end of the day.


Food Intolerance testing