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Excellent therapist, I felt very comfortable with Tracie and the treatment was relaxing and effective, thank you.


I think i may be the first Male patient to leave a testimonial, hopefully not the last. Tracie is very professional, i felt so at ease as she explained the procedure after being a little apprehensive at first. It took two sessions to get a successful outcome, but well worth it, just feel great now. Any further issues i'll be straight back to her, but if i take her advice, they will be few and far between. Thank you Tracie.

I had a colonic for the first time ever yesterday & I wasn't nervous at all.
I have always wanted to do this procedure & Im so happy I did it with Tracie. She was very professional and very kind. Keep explaining everything the whole time, throughout the whole procedure. Excellent therapist who I highly recommend. The treatment was great and I can't wait to go back.Really sorry that it took me this long to go and have it done, should have done this a long time ago. Thank you Tracie.


I visited Tracie after suffering with IBS for over 5 years. I was fed up of all the different pills that the doctors were telling me to take, that made no difference, and was desperate for something that would ease my terrible symptoms. I thought, "why not give it a go" and booked with Tracie at Vitality Colonics. Tracie was very friendly during the whole process and really made me feel at ease, and really listened to what I had to say about my symptoms. After the treatment, coupled with some probiotics and a detox juice diet for a week, all of my symptoms disappeared, it was like magic!!! No longer did I have the belly bloat that made me look like I was 9 months pregnant, nor did I have the embarrassing gas and unpredictable bowel movements from before... it was all normal. It's been like this since I had the treatment a year or so ago, and I'm so happy, it really has been like a miracle cure. I've also just had the food intolerance test which showed I have an intolerance to cow's milk - which will now help me keep my guts and body healthy! Thanks Tracie!


Hydro Therapy was recommended to me by a friend after I complained to her of feeling constantly tired and bloated. After doing a little internet research on what "Hydro Therapy" actually was (a colonic to you and me) I came across Vitality Colonics. I made my appointment and turned up feeling, I have to say, pretty nervous, not really knowing what to expect (You can see these things on telly but even so ...) I was met by a lovely therapist by the name of Tracie. Tracie sat me down and asked me to fill out a medical questionnaire. She then explained the procedure I was about to have and what all the equipment did. I laid on the couch whilst listening to some relaxing music, in fact the whole ambience lent itself to relaxation which is probably just as well considering what is about to happen - there are no two ways to dress it up, you are about to have something inserted into your bottom! Tracie explained everything as she went along and funnily enough I found myself relaxing and just chatting. I have to say by the end of the treatment I felt very sleepy and this continued right into the evening along with feeling very thirsty. Tracie had warned me this may be the case, due to the detoxifying nature of the treatment and was completely normal. However, next morning I felt absolutely fine and my energy levels increased though out the day, suffice to say, I was actually looking forward to my next appointment the following week.


Big thank you to Tracie Somerset . I am not new to colonics and was very excited to finally have somewhere locally to go - initially slightly embarrassed as Tracie is one of the mums BUT no need, Tracie made me feel very relaxed, she was very professional , and i feel 100 times better - 2nd session booked Thursday. But for those who are interested u must check out her web-site I can not recommend her enough (already have 3 friends looking at booking) and the health benefits are amazing.


'I am so pleased we have a local colonic shop! I booked in no hesitation. Tracie was lovely, I felt relaxed straight away. No embarrassment, no awkward feeling, no horrific aftermath- brilliant. I bounced out of the clinic, so light and cleansed! I've sent 4 people her way already.' 'Now I'm ready for my pre-wedding cleanse in a few weeks.


I have been suffered with bloating for some time so decided to try colonics. I came across Vitality Colonics on the web and found it was only just round the corner. After a course of 3 treatments, taking the probiotics and changing my diet I feel a million times better. Tracie is a lovely lady and made me feel very relaxed throughout each treatment!


Just to let you know I feel a completely different person after my colonic, a week later and my toilet habits are nearly back to normal, but what I feel as though I have benefitted most from is I no longer feel sluggish or anywhere as tired as I have been lately. I just feel a whole lot healthier than I was and I put it down to the colonic, so I just wanted to say THANKYOU.


Had my colonic this afternoon with Tracey. Although I'm not new to this procedure, I was nervous. That lasted only seconds. Tracey is extremely professional, but friendly and chatty, which instantly put me at ease! Came home with a spring in my step! I would highly recommend her.